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Dart Standings Week 0



MAX Weight for Darts Is

18 Grams Donít Cause your team

To forfeit by Cheating








Dart Rules are REVISED ONLINE, Click here Microsoft Word.


Adobe Acrobat Version Here.








When You Call In Your Score Listen To The Prompt And Press the Pound And The 2 Key

Then State Your Division, Your Team Name And Your Score. Please Be Brief! But Clear!




Practice Good Sportsmanship No Whining 

Relax*** Have Fun*** Play Darts***


Click Here For Printable Standings

Div A


Div B


Div C


Div D
























































































































**Points Missing      *Bye Points Not Added      $ Dues Missing  2 Point Deduction       PP-Postponed      NR-No Report/Minus 1 Point

TD= Bar  Team Fee Not Paid 1 PT Deduction Till Paid  NTI= Name Typed In After Week 4  UP= Under Protest Illegal Player

Points Will Be Deducted For Not Calling in Your Scores   Or PAYING DUES


E-Mail Questions or Comments To..

Darts Plus League Headquarters

299 Walnut St. Agawam, MA 01001